This reputable brand was created by a Nutritional Therapy-trained Momma of two who is on a mission to help curb and eradicate obesity and other diet-related/influenced medical conditions, one VeggiePasta Spiralizer at a time. Here is a summary of her experience, in her own words:


“Hello, and thank you for purchasing your VeggiePasta Spiralizer! My Name is Ruth Larbi, and I am truly honored that you have chosen my brand to help you incorporate more veggies in your diet.

My spiralizing fruits and vegetables journey originated mostly from wanting a very handy, portable and versatile kitchen tool that would immensely help me and my Bambinos eat more veggies (without “realizing” that we indeed were doing so). I had a few health issues I was dealing with at the time, from several unsuccessful weight loss attempts, to elevated cholesterol levels, to low blood sugar levels, to low energy levels, etc. Incorporating more veggies was imperative to improving my overall health! However, consistently making a salad seemed to be one of the easiest and yet hardest things for me to do. My mind was in the right place, but will and mind were at an impasse!

The birth of the VeggiePasta vegetable and fruit Spiralizer/Slicer brand was both a well-thought out plan, and an accident; an oxymoron I know! After completing my Nutritional Therapy program in early 2015, I needed to provide my Clients with some hands-on tools that would simplify their meal prep; especially in today’s fast-paced world in which making wholesome meals in the shortest possible time is paramount. These reasons, in addition to my personal motivations already mentioned, let me to embark on a journey. A journey that today, had brought you and I the most incredible line of kitchen accessories, accompanied by a phenomenal online support group!

After resolving weight loss, cholesterol, and lack of energy issues, among others, just from working these easy-to-use gadgets, I know you will gain a “few” successes of your own! I am so thankful for all the success stories I have received so far; from being able to “effortlessly detox and loose weight with spiralized meals”, to being able to “prepare filling, nutritious, gluten-free meals” for self and family, to being able to “make veggies fun for the kids”! These testimonials keep my passion burning bright! I look forward to hearing more of such feedback, and together, we will significantly impact food-related health issues, with a percentage of our proceeds going to organizations that support such causes. Thank you for bringing my brand home with you, and I wish you nothing but wealth in every aspect of your life, as you live in excellent health!”


Our VeggiePasta vegetable Spiralizers immensely support gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo lifestyles, bringing fantastic creativity to kitchens and wiping out boredom from menus.