If NOT...your quest to be your

And your first real SUSTAINABLE chance to become your BEST YOU starts HERE! With the powerhouse combo of the BEST resources you could ever have…YOU…AND the incredible Eat Your Way To A PHENOMENAL YOU! program.

The fun part is you don’t even make any of the usual weight loss changes that most other people and programs ask you to. Starting right now, with your purchase, you will be taken into a world of immense change that’ll surprise even your worst critic! We will lead you step by step into making the changes that result in pounds melting right off your body, fortifying any healthy lifestyles changes you would like to make (or have been making) and being that little voice in your head that reminds you that YOU ARE WORTH THE POSITIVE CHOICES YOU ARE MAKING! You will be empowered to tap into your POWER (yes, you DO have power inside YOU! and No…I’m not talking about any “woo woo” business either!). Get you and your loved ones eating healthy and nourishing your body in the most sustainable way you could ever realize!

Developed by a Nutritional Therapy-trained Mother of Two, Eat Your Way to a PHENOMENAL YOU! will also show you how to combine incredible powerhouse ingredients that maximize nutrient availability and consequently absorption by the end of this 12 week program. Having battled her share of health issues, from now-resolved-without-surgery previously-recurrent ovarian cysts, to now-resolved previously-recurrent acute iritis, to now-conquered years of weight loss battles, to now-resolved persistent low energy levels, and so much more, her philosophy is in alignment with "Food is Fuel, Food is Medicine". 

YOU ARE IN EXCELLENT HANDS! So waste no time in getting started!

Here’s what you get in Eat

  • Where are you right now in your HEALTH? We'll get really clear on any diet-related factors that could be the root cause(s) of health issues you have been facing. One of our mantras is one size does NOT fit all!
  • The WHATs, WHYs, WHENs and HOWs of fueling your Body, in an online 12-week intensive, power-packed, life-changing, positive-habit building program. You will get two emails from us every week detailing what to focus on that week. Coupled with uncomparable life coaching that empowers you to not only overcome the habits that don't serve you, but also build new ones. Our incredible support system allows you to connect with us ANYTIME you need questions answered!
  • PhenomenalMe 21-Day System Reset, empowering you to start healing and nourishing your body, AND melting off the pounds, with your regular grocery trips. A graduated modified fast will help you restore nourishment and much needed energy, while helping you hydrate!
  • Complimentary EBook that condenses EVERYTHING you need to know about your metabolism into a short read…it’s back to the basics time baby!
  • Complimentary VeggiePasta, Health is Wealth® 5-blade Tabletop vegetable Spiralizer mailed to your door. These are the rave handy kitchen tools that are turning firm vegetables and fruits into “noodles”.
  • Complimentary Recipe EBook
  • Complimentary Clean Eating Menu for 21 days, complete with ingredient/shopping list and recipes

Want some more reasons to get this lifechanging program?

Read what others are saying about this fundamental, no-gym, no-pills, no-teas, approach to weight loss and healthy eating/living...and our spiralizers!

“Between the recipe videos that came later, the 21-day clean eating menu, with ingredients lists and recipes, the spiralizer, and all the other tools, I feel so empowered and I keep coming up with different healthy meals that my Family is really excited to eat. I truly believe I got much more than I paid for because my family now eats a variety of healthy and appetizing meals. Thank you so much!”

Naomi M., Calgary AB, Phenomenal Mother of 2

"My name is Sefakor, I used to weigh 65kg pre pregnancy. I've never been really big on my weight. At least not until my first child was born. He was born with many complications that I completely forgot about my health. Due to the stress of caring for him, between extensive hospital visits, to surgeries, etc, I took in "garbage" as food...I only had the strength to take care of him! Anything that could fill my tummy fast enough to allow me take care of my little miracle was what I consumed! This built up my weight (and waistline) fast enough! Someway, somehow I got pregnant with my second (don't laugh! I guess I had creative ways for stress-relief that did not include eating healthy! lol). I started my second pregnancy at 90 kg. My post Baby#2 birth weight was 110 kg! In desperation discovered the Veggie Pasta spiralizer and started my weight loss programme. Wow it's been amazing!!! One month in and I have already lost 8kg. I'm so excited! I'm on my way to getting my healthy weight back again!!!"

Sefakor A., Accra, Ghana, Phenomenal Momma of 2 Boys

So here’s the deal: promise me that you’ll put everything that you’ll be learning in the first 9 weeks into practice, and then whip up some delicious recipes in the remaining 3 weeks and beyond.

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your order within 30 days for a full refund…

And in return you cannot practice the principles and techniques shared in Eat Your Way to a PHENOMENAL YOU!.

However I do need to remind you that you will potentially go back to your old ways and gamble with your health…something that will truly sadden my heart.

But, if this AMAZING program isn’t every bit as fantastic as I say it is, simply return for a full refund.


Fair enough?

You have my word on it.

Phenomental You 1 Time Payment

Amount: $99

Phenomental You Installment

3 Equal Payments

Amount Due Today: $37

*Every 4 weeks (x2) $37


Wait...let me reiterate all the phenomenal resources you will be receiving after you complete your order RIGHT NOW!

  •  Your bonuses will be right there waiting for you to download!
  •  The remaining weeks of Phase 1, and Phases 2 and 3, will be sent to you via secure  email, with  your weekly motivational/support email. 
  •  Watch your mailbox at the end of Phase 2, for your 5-Blade VeggiePasta, Health is  Wealth, Spiralizer! Just in time to start using it to make yummy, filling meals in      Phase 3!

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